My precious baby Obama is really sick and had to be rushed to the emergency vet this evening. He started acting odd last night, not wanting to cuddle and hiding in the front room, which is totally unlike him. This morning he was sleeping in front of my door and he had peed all over himself. I made sure he drank some water, and he curled up with me after I got out of the shower,  so I headed to work like normal. When my husband got home tonight, Obama was laying in the middle of the floor and was crying in pain.

The vet says he has a bladder obstruction, and he’s in surgery right now getting cleared out and rehydrated properly. Of course since we couldn’t take him to the regular vet, it’s going to cost us around $800 at least, if he doesn’t have any complications and doesn’t have to stay longer than planned. I’m not tumblr famous and I doubt anyone will see this, but I just spent my entire paycheck on medical bills (my insurance company screwed me over and refused to cover $700 worth of blood tests) and donating money to help someone else out with vet bills (ironic, I know). And I hate asking for help because I’d rather give everything I have to other people instead of taking things, but I don’t get paid for another two weeks now and we don’t have the funds to pay for the vet bill and still make our house payment. So if anyone wants to signal boost this, or help out, I’ll give you all my love forever and ever. I’m going to set up a donate button on my page, any help is appreciated and if you can’t help, if you could signal boost and KEEP MY BABY IN YOUR THOUGHTS.

UPDATE:  Obama was sent home from the emergency vet but had to be admitted into the local animal hospital for two days. We’re now sitting on $1100 worth of vet bills which we had to pay immediately, they wouldn’t let us spread out the payments. Two very lovely people have donated $120 dollars so far, and really if we could even just get half of what we spent it would mean that we could make the house payment for August.

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